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Michigan Combat Dynamix

a training and consulting service for customers, agencies and departments.
We are dedicated to providing the best tactical training in the Great Lakes area. 

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry permit courses from USCCA, MCRGO, and NRA.

Group and Organization Training

We offer firearm, mindset, and tactics training for groups and organizations like churches, corporate security, and police departments.

Individual Coaching

Whether you are training for military service, police qualification, competitive shooting, or just want to get more comfortable with your carry pistol or carbine. We can develop a training program to meet your needs.


Proudly Serving Michigan since 2012


Concealed Carry Course

  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Leagal use of force
  • Situational Awareness

Group Training

$10000 per person starting
  • Customized for your group
  • Live fire, classroom only, and hybrid courses
  • Flexible schedualing

Individual Coaching

$$50/ 1st hour
  • $25 each additional hour
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Individualized program
  • Self Paced




20+ Years instructing

More than 20 years as an instructor both in the military and as a civilian.


The 2nd Amendment guarantees us the right to self defense, and we believe that training to be more capable should be affordable.

Courses for any age and skill level

From ages 8-80, and beginner to experienced. We offer courses and coaching for everyone.


I have been training with MCD since 2018, I have taken each individual module they offer and most of the team ones and I keep coming back. The reason is simple, it is effective, progressive, structured training that starts and ends with a complete mastery of fundamentals. From the ground up each class was designed to reinforce the fundamentals and build off of each other, you will be in CQB and it will click, wait, that's why he's been having me do it this way. Jay makes it fun when it needs to be and serious when it's game time. You will get your moneys worth, that I can promise you.
I appreciated the classes because each drill built on the following drill and the instructors ability to quickly and professionally troubleshoot and assess each individual student in regards to what they are doing and helping each student reach their potential in achieving clean shot groups and executing shots on the desired target.
Looking for years,

I have taken courses before and most of them miss the mark on instruction that I can understand and apply. Jay and his team work efficiently and use common sense to get the basics across. After learning from Jay and his team I feel more confident in my ability to defend myself and those I love and care about.
At this point I've taken all of the pistol classes and followed them with the basic rifle and Rifle CQM. I couldn't be happier with the time and effort I've spent with instructor Jankovich. I'd recommend any one of his classes.


Civilians Trained


Star Rating


Years Experience