Meet Your Pistol

This is MCD’s half day intro to hand guns. Don’t have a pistol and a holster of your own? That’s fine. We can provide you with the gear. This course teaches fire arm safety, drawing, loading, unloading, malfunction clearance, and the fundamentals of combat shooting. Everything you need to know to get started. It’s a great course to take prior to your trip to the gun store to pick out your first handgun. We’ll help you identify what kind of pistol you want to buy, and accessories you’ll need to get you concealed carrying or primed to defend your home.

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Concealed Carry

MCD teaches either the USCCA or MCRGO curriculum and upon graduation of the eight-hour class we issue the training certificate needed in Michigan to obtain a concealed carry permit. So why is our course more expensive than the sixty buck wonders? Because you get what you pay for. Our class isn’t a check in the box. You will get great instruction. In addition, we will tailor the shooting portion of the course to the student. New to shooting? We can rent you a pistol and get your started. Been carrying for years? That’s good too. We can set you up on challenging targets pressed for time to maximize the training value of the course. At MCD our instruction is never a ticket punch or box to check. Our mission is that no matter your skill level, we can quickly assess a student and tailor instruction individually to challenge and develop the student.

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Pistol Close Quarters Marksmanship

More than a Pistol I&II course, CQM is the sum total of Lead Instructor Jay’s experience in combat shooting at close range – passed on to the student. We begin this all-day course with assessment and fundamentals and progress to scenario based live fire. The goal of CQM is to equip the student with a shooting program they can take home and use to build their skills. It’s also a reality check designed to get the student out of a range mindset and into real-world reality where targets aren’t easy to identify, time is precious, and adrenalin clouds judgement. You will participate in live fire scenarios like fighting from vehicles, concealed carry in a crowd, and home defense designed to prepare the student for the realities of urban violence. Each one of our scenarios are crafted to simulate common real-world uses of force in lawful self-defense. A heavy dose of decision making, shoot-no-shoot target discrimination and compressed time and accuracy standards are designed to elevate student’s competence to carry a gun in the real world. Students will progress from drawing and firing to keeping their gun running no matter what happens while fighting through confusion, fear, and the attacker, to not just survive but prevail. We tailor instruction to the individual, so that beginners and advanced shooters alike can maximize their training time and value. Whatever your performance level and competence with a hand gun, we will move the needle forward.

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Rifle Close Quarters Marksmanship

Our signature class. Lead Instructor Jay pours 25 years of real-world experience into an all-day course he used to train military personnel all over the world. Tailored towards home defense, students will learn safety, how to get their rifle up and running and keep it it that way, zeroing, and rapid precision firing. Fundamentals during first phase of the day gives way to decision making and target discrimination in the afternoon. Students will learn to weaponize geometry to put a home invader on the back foot and maximize the rifle’s effectiveness without endangering others. The semi-automatic rifle is the most valuable tool in the capable citizen’s arsenal and this course teaches students of any skill level how to leverage its power to defend themselves and their families.

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Integrated Skills

This is where it all comes together. Students will take their rifle and pistol into a two-day course that begins with a refresher on fundamentals before learning the ins and outs of single person close quarters battle. Use of cover, surgical fire, and movement play heavily. Scenarios are based on home and neighborhood defense with communication, medical, and non-shoot procedures tailored to the advanced student. This course is not for beginners and students must present documentation from military, law enforcement, reputable shooting schools, or be alumni of our CQM courses before embarking on our integrated skills course. This is the course for you if you have mastered weapon manipulation and want to take your tactics to the next level.

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Buddy Tactics

Great for civilians, law enforcement, and soldiers. 1 full day of firearms work to refine your capabilities and build on your skills WITH YOUR BUDDY! Learn concepts and principles to help you organize your efforts easily with a friend (or even a spouse). We will cover, getting on line to provide fields of fire, close proximity shooting, atypical positions, various dynamic movement drills, high ready effectiveness, quick target acquisition, 5 yard to 50 yard engagements and MORE! No gun fight will be easy. Push yourself and learn to be safe and effective in a chaotic environment with your bro! Certificates will be given out for completion. Cost: $250 for tuition TOTAL FOR BOTH people (covers you and your buddy!), Items to have with you: Serviceable/reliable firearm of your choice (carbines, pistols, even shotguns welcome) with sights and a safe & reliable sling,magazines and pockets to hold them, eye and ear protection, durable clothing and shoes, water, lunch (there are limited stores nearby for food if necessary), basic range items: batteries, extra gun, oil, tools, loaders etc. Weather appropriate equipment for wet, hot, cold and bugs. Knee pads recommended. Disclaimer: At a minimum, the student must be able to continuously execute the four firearms safety principles and also be physically capable of supporting their own weight during dynamic movements and drilling.

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By Appointment Training

Give us a call, sned us a message, or book your time here. We have our own range facilities and can work with your schedule for a custom class. Want to lean the basics one on one or develop a particular skill set? MCD has you covered. Schedule a session today and be surprised how affordable and rewarding individual instruction can be. Want to charter a class or bring a group? No problem. We are flexible and ready to train.

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Security Force

We have trained numerous church and facility security teams. We start on individual team member skills and build towards unit cohesion so your team can shoot, move, and communicate effectively. Upon selecting MCD, we first conduct a risk assessment and then present your team with a training proposal. Tailoring that proposal, we custom craft training so your team can reach new levels of competency which are economical in both time and money to maintain. We work with diverse skill levels, schedules and equipment, to help your organization form a security force capable of defending your congregation or customers.

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Advanced Tactics

Advanced Tactics is the best deal in Michigan when it comes to combat shooting. For fifty bucks you get access to MCD instructors and range time from 9:30 AM To 4:30 PM. What do we cover during Advanced Tactics class? The answer is every class is unique. We always start with safety and fundamentals. From there it could be rifle, pistol, medical, scenarios, and beyond. The purpose of Advanced Tactics is to maintain skill level and refine your shooting and tactics so that you can build on skills you learned in our 8 or 16 hour courses. We have regular attendees to Advanced Tactics, and some of our students have been coming for years. This creates a supportive learning environment and camaraderie - always a force multiplier when it comes to training. Many students have met their best friends at Advanced Tactics class. Held once per quarter, no other shooting school has a course like Advanced Tactics. It's a unique way for MCD to maintain the skill level of students and develop them to reach an ever progressing level of competence. Students need a little experience to come to Advanced Tactics. You should be familiar with firearm safety, and have your own rifle and pistol. If you don't you are free to come and watch FREE OF CHARGE. If you choose to shoot at Advanced Tactics you will have to demonstrate gun safety. As with any MCD course we tailor drills and targets to the individual. New shooters and old hands can both push their limits and grow in this class. Stop taking the same pistol/rifle operator level courses over and over. At Advanced Tactics you can push your skills to the next level in a safe environment under professional instruction.

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